Senior Security Engineer

ISRAEL R&D CENTER Engineering Full-time

About The Position

ZOOZ is a fast-growing successful Start-Up company that provides a payments platform designed to help merchants improve and optimize their payments activities. We help merchants reduce costs, increase conversions, fight fraud and expand globally.

We are an enterprise payments platform that allows easy connectivity to multiple providers globally while leveraging data to optimize transactions.

The Engineering group at ZOOZ brings together Software design, Infrastructure Management/Design and Operations and Engineering.

With the ever-increasing cyber-security threat, and our obligation to comply with PCI and GDPR rules and regulations, we at ZOOZ are committed to maintaining a vigilant approach to protecting our systems and data. The Security Engineer will play a key role in this process.

The Security Engineer is responsible to ensure the security of software, through to selecting and constructing and deploying broader network security systems and regulations.


If you have:

  • Experience in leading and building security teams.
  • Experience with distributed systems.
  • Programmed in multiple languages, are highly accomplished working in Javascript, and have a real passion for gaining new languages.
  • Curiosity and dedication to learning and are able to apply new knowledge in a pragmatic and timely manner.
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent engineering experience
  • Knowledge of attacks and mitigation methods, with knowledge in two or more of the following: Network protocols and secure network design; Operating system internals and hardening (e.g. Windows, Linux, OS X); Containers security, Web application and browser security; Security assessments and penetration testing; Authentication and access control; Applied cryptography and security protocols; Security monitoring and intrusion detection; Incident response and forensics; Development of security tools, automation or frameworks.

If you can:

  • Lead the security field in a fast growing company.
  • Design and build great software solutions to meet complex, system-wide requirements.
  • Understand business requirements and translate them into code.
  • Debug and consider test implications across protocol and architectural stacks.
  • Work independently, yet know when to ask for input.

If you are interested in:

  • Quality and writing code that identifies and exploits software and hardware defects and gaps.
  • Working on security - focusing primarily on applied cryptography, authentication, authorization and other Security Protocols with bonus points for fuzzing and other stochastic methods.
  • A natural inclination to work within a culture that is fast-paced, dynamic, and self-directed.
  • Deep understanding of the infrastructure.

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